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Your growing startup needs product management

As the CEO/CTO of a growing startup, you’re starting to feel the pain of managing a growing product:

  • The company isn’t aligned around the product strategy
  • The features you build don’t have a well defined scope
  • The team isn’t communicating status and timelines
  • You have a dozen other priorities that need your attention

So, it’s time to put a proper product management process in place, but you need an extra set of hands to lead this so you can focus on your growing company.

Set up your PM practice and onboard your first PM in 3 months

Foundation works with your team for 3 months to implement just enough Product Management process to help your team improve the way products get built and shipped.

If your company needs Product Management, let’s find 30 mins to talk about what improvements you’d like to see for your team.

Build your PM practice to guide day-to-day delivery and long-term product planning

  • Month 1

    Day-to-Day Product Development

    Establish the tools, sprints and process needed to manage the building and ship product.

  • Month 2

    Monthly Roadmap Maintenance

    Standardize how you define feature priorities, scope the requirements to ship them, and measure their performance

  • Month 3

    Quarterly Strategy Planning

    Map out your company objective for the next quarter and define the priority projects that will help you reach it

  • Ongoing

    Onboard your new PM

    Coach the person moving into your PM role throughout, so they can own, manage and evolve your PM process moving forward

Not sure if your startup needs Product Management yet?

Founders at early-stage startups like yours work with Foundation to grow their company

"Rob creates structure that unlocks growth. He created communication channels where there were none, coached team members to lead planning, feedback and prioritization processes that didn’t exist before, and most importantly, empowered us to know the what, why, and when of our product roadmap.

It’s for these reasons and more that Ada grew more than an order of magnitude 2017."

Mike Muschison, CEO at Ada Support

Looking to learn more about getting your PM practice up and running?